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How To: Style Denim Overalls

Overalls have long been a favorite of mine {reminiscent of rompers and fun childhood wardrobe pieces} and while they are utilitarian, they can be worn in a way that juxtaposes the casual feel of overalls to become a stylish wardrobe addition.

One of the best things about overalls is how insanely comfortable they are, but there is a fine line between comfort and sloppy. Avoid that line by paying attention to the little details: wear a heeled pump or strappy sandal instead of sneakers, cuff the overalls only once or twice to keep the look polished, and wear a slim-fitting top. If you do wear flats, try a metallic brogue or oxford to contrast against the casual denim.

Top it all off with an embellished jacket or a blazer, then add unexpected glamor with a statement-making necklace or bold cuff and pair it all with an over-sized clutch. All these little details turn the the farmers go-to piece into a stylish outfit.

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