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Nail Polish Miracle Clean-up

I have always enjoyed painting my own nails at home more than going to a spa. Painting my nails relaxes me and is a mid-week treat to create a new color combo and revel in the refreshing feeling that perfectly polished nails gives me. While it can be nice to have my nails done professionally sometimes, I usually feel like the length of time it takes is so all-encompassing that I look at the clock more than I enjoy the experience. With all that said, sometimes I dread painting my nails because clean-up can be frustrating. I am definitely not ambidextrous so it can get messy around the edges on my left hand and cleaning up any polish mistakes can be equally difficult. During a recent Target drugstore beauty run I discovered¬†this miracle clean-up tool {imo} and am shocked/excited by how well it cleans the smudges around the edges of my nails without smearing the polish {my problem in the past because I would try to get as close to the edges as possible}. It has made clean-up so easy I can’t wait to do my nails again!

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