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Folle de Joie Perfume

One of my favorite clothing brands is Joie; I love the lux materials, easy silhouettes and soft shades they use {my closet is at least half full of Joie clothing} so I was intrigued when they recently came out with their perfume Folle de Joie, but was a bit uncertain about ordering it since I am not really a perfume person, preferring oils because many perfumes scents are too overwhelming. About a week ago I ordered a pair of smoking slippers {on sale!} and received a sample of the perfume with my order and am thrilled because I absolutely love the perfume. While many perfumes are clingy or too strong, this scent is light, fresh and matches its description while transporting me to the beach every time I spray it. It has quickly become my go-to summer scent and I have to order a full size bottle since the sample is nearly gone!

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