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Fall Weather, Warm Drinks & Choices

With the cold weather officially here {freezing yesterday!} one of my favorite things to do is get a warm drink {Starbucks or local coffee house} and read a magazine while sitting in a cozy leather chair feeling equally warm and cozy.

I read this article on a new version of Starbucks that will be placed in drive-thru convenience areas & will have modern, artistic styling using reclaimed wood, etc. I understand the convenience factor for most people but I do not like the rush and prefer to take my time with things, whether it is enjoying my drink or meeting with friends ({I abhor a drive-thru}.

What I have always enjoyed about Starbucks is the friendly interior to get drinks, cozy up in one of the leather chairs and just relax. Starbucks began with the European concept of coffee instead of the Americanized rush rush rush version and to further embrace the hustle and bustle {with strategically placed drive-thrus} does not appeal to me at all for a brand concept.

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